In April 2005 my then 3-year old son named my thymus cancer "Stinky Ball." He was right in all ways but one.
No Stinky Ball can lessen the spirit or the celebration of life.
Play more, work less

We've now had seven extremely successful Stinky Ball events, each of them with well over 300 people. We've raised over $800,000 over the last seven years.

This event is ALL about the kids - you dancing with them, you enjoying them, you eating dinner with them, them playing games while you're dancing, having a Saturday night affordable destination that is a blast and is for charity...you get the idea!!!!

Come join us this year for dinner, dancing, games, prizes, raffle, kids loving it all, you loving it all, all for a good cause, stop and smell the roses at the StinkyBall!

Our goal this year, as in every other year, is to take an evening to breathe deeply, to enjoy what we have and who we are and to appreciate life with the growing maturity of a 11-year old (and with the energy and spirit of a pair of 9-year olds).

Thank you for all of your continued support.

Alan and Roni B



© The Stinky Ball 2008

Benefitting the Foundation for Thymic Cancer Research